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Have you always thought that electronics is too complicated? There are microprocessors, printed circuit boards, chips in every computer, in any phone. Electronics surrounds us everywhere. Oh no, don`t give us boring schemes and complex calculations ...

Electronics is simple and very interesting!

Just play and discover what the circuit boards are made of. Step by step, you will learn how the elements of electronic circuits are arranged and how do they work. Everything is so clear that even children can play the game easily!
Solve interesting puzzles, pass an electric signal through the elements, go through interesting mazes. Very quickly, you won't notice yourself how did you begin to understand what is the difference between the diode and the transistor.
Play and relax with the benefit of the mind!


  • Electronic maze
  • Puzzles that make your brains work at full power!
  • Over 20 different elements of electronic circuits in the most simplified and complex combinations
  • Over 100 intuitive levels with a gradual increase in difficulty

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